Sunday, September 18, 2005

NCAA Division I-A Football Tournament

College Football Fan’s Ideal Post-Season Scenario

Proposed Conferences

Proposed tournament based on hypothetical changes to conference affiliations

  • Notre Dame joins Big 10
  • BYU and Utah join Pacific 10
  • Army, Navy, Fla. Atlantic, and Temple join Big East
  • Air Force, Colorado State, San Diego State, UNLV, and Wyoming join WAC
  • La. Tech, New Mexico, New Mexico State, TCU, and Texas State (from I-AA) join Sun Belt
Result is six major and four minor conferences
  • Each conference has two six team divisions and conference championship game

Proposed Structure

Schools from six major and four minor conferences participate

Five rounds of single elimination games

  • Starts with minor round consisting of conference championship games of four minor conferences
    • Six major conferences have minor round buy
  • Major round includes elimination games for conference champions from previous round plus six major conference championship games
  • Bowl round played in four traditional BCS bowls, but one week earlier than usual (just before or after Christmas)
  • Semi-final round played in two of the four BCS bowls
    • Played on and/or around New Year’s Day
    • Locations to alternate between pairs of BCS bowls every other year
  • Final round played in one of two BCS bowls not included in previous round
    • Played approximately one week after semi-final round
    • Location to alternate between all four BCS bowls
    Impact on length of season and number of games played minimal Major conference teams in national championship game play two additional games and less than one week longer season than current system
  • Major conference teams in semi-final round play one additional game and end season at approximately the same time as current system
  • Major conference teams in bowl round play no additional games and end season one week earlier than traditional BCS bowl games under current system
  • Minor conference teams start playoff one week earlier and play one more game than major conference team advancing to same round


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